Star Trek: Vanguard: In Tempest's Wake by Dayton Ward

In Tempest's Wake  - Dayton Ward

I have to admit that I don't quite understand the necessity of this little e-book - and the cynic within me wonders if the reasons of its existence have any relations to monetary issues...


So, what is this e-book about? Days after Vanguard's destruction Nogura and Kirk meet up to discuss and elaborate on Enterprise's role especially during the final days. And frankly, this offers nothing really new about this series, no new insights that are relevant. The fact that it took me longer to finish those 100 pages than the final duology of the series proper is, I guess, revealing enough.


What didn't bother me so much within the series but did here, is Ward's propensity for repetition. I think every description is made at least twice which is extremely tiresome because the matter at hand (for instance that Kirk is tired after the final battle) is not that difficult to understand that it needs more than one sentence.


Of course, there are interesting facts as well - for example Reyes' existence being entirely dropped from the records, not only his involvement with Vanguard, renaming all the starbases so that Vanguard's disappearance doesn't stand out, rewriting history in making it appear that the Tholians and the Federation fought on the same side against the Shedai in the final battle etc. That and doubts about Starfleet Command's integrity (in this case voiced by McCoy resp. Reyes' fate - not so unrealistical doubts as evidenced by SFC ordering Quinn's "termination"...), as well as the fact that all the records about Operation Vanguard are sealed off until the distant future and inaccessible for database searches are what make this story worth reading for someone who knows what happened.


But those are little tidbits that could have been fit into Storming Heaven as well and wouldn't have needed another e-book. And that puts quite a damper on me enjoying this.