Star Trek: S. C. E.: #15 Past Life by Robert Greenberger

Past Life - Robert Greenberger

This latest entry takes the SCE-crew to Evora (the planet granted protectorate status in Insurrection) where an archeological dig revealed a device that predates all civilization on the planet... which leads to civil unrest.


The plot surrounding the find and its purpose reminds me a bit of #12, but it's interesting enough. Gold has a bit more to do in this novel, trying to deal with a coup-d'état perpetrated by an isolationist faction of the government.


The more important tidbits of this novel, because of their possible ramifications in future novellas, are Gold's growing discontent in Dr Lense's performance, and Faulwell's ongoing long-distance relationship with Lt. Commander Anthony Mark who lives on a Starbase 92 that was attacked by Nausicaans.


Overall, a well-paced story, unfortunately again remaining quite on the surface of the problems addressed.