Star Trek: S. C. E.: #14 Caveat Emptor by Ian Edginton & Mike Collins

Star Trek: Caveat Emptor - Ian Edginton, Mike Collins

The da Vinci picks up a Ferengi daimon and learns that a newly bought computer wreaked havoc on his merchant ship.


This is actually quite a nice story involving lots of Ferengi Rules of Acquisition and nods to TOS continuity. There Ferengi disdain towards clothed women, towards the Federation attitude of peace and equality - and myths of a Ferengi heretic that preached fair trade and friendship over profit... well, I guess every society's paramount philosophies are another's nightmares.


Other than that, this story doesn't advance any crew-related subplots. It's a standalone novella, definitely better than the previous part, but still lacking of any more complicated issues.