Star Trek: Voyager: The Eternal Tide by Kirsten Beyer

Star Trek: Voyager: The Eternal Tide - Kirsten Beyer

This novel is certainly weaker than its predecessor "Children of the Storm" perhaps due to the multiple plotthreads that come together only in the last section.

Eden's story didn't do much for me - I empathized more with her two uncles, especially the one that couldn't destroy his shuttle, knowing that his husband was still on it in "normal" space. At least that's my interpretation of his hesitancy.

I've never cared much for Q. While the premise of a meeting between Amanda and Junior was promising, the whole resurrection of Janeway, her role in the multiverse etc just seemed a bit over-the-top. And quite frankly, my eyes glazed a bit over during the technobabble-bits.

The future of the fleet remains to be seen. I for one am glad that Demeter's still out there, because I really liked O'Donnell (superb scene with him and Barclay *g*). Granted, the 4 ships are gone, but at least the more interesting characters that were so painstakingly introduced in CotS are still there. Perhaps they'll return with a new ship (and Achilles).

I'm ambivalent about Janeway's return. Honestly, the way VOY devolved into Janeway and her bunch of misfits during the second half of the series's run made me cheer at her death. Perhaps then the other characters would finally be more in the spotlight - especially Chakotay whose interaction with Janeway I really enjoyed up to Scorpion (and I thought it stupid that Janeway didn't pursue a relationship with him after Resolutions). Beyer managed to correct that in the last 4 books - I hope he'll remain "his own man" and not return to his puppet status. Their scenes together were well done, I liked the emotions portrayed on both sides. Let's see what happens next.

Little tidbits I liked:

Cambridge - he's the only new character that's continuously shown, and he just works, be it with Seven, be it with Chakotay - and I'm looking forward to his sessions with Janeway (there better be some of those!)

Chakotay-Seven - they had really nice scenes together. I always thought that C/7-pairing stupid, and given Chakotay's experiences with the Borg (Riley) I'd have wished for a stronger involvement of his in Seven's development. But I enjoy the friendship they have now.

Riley/the Caeliar - returning to the cooperative was an interesting move. Given that VOY picked up quite a few drones that were lost to the collective who knows what the Caeliar left in the D-quadrant for VOY to find. It's an interesting premise to think that they not only changed the nanites within drones but also the whole Borg technology on planets. I think there are still quite a few interesting stories there.

Kes - hopefully, VOY'll visit Ocampa in the near-future. With the slipstream that shouldn't be a problem.

Right now, VOY's the only 24th-century series I'm really looking forward to (given what I said at the beginning about TV-VOY I'd never have thought to actually write this). Dynamics are bound to change again, and I really hope that it's not just back to business as usual for Janeway. I want to see her struggle with everything that happened, I want to see her evolve beyond that struggle and recover her equilibrium. And I'd really love to see her interact with Tuvok (actually, the only character I really miss right now given that Icheb's back onboard VOY).